6-light ceiling spotlight Kena - made in Germany  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 6722305 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Delivery by forwarding agency Made in Germany: the attractive LED ceiling spotlight Kena with six bulbs This LED ceiling spotlight is an appealing light source providing appropriate brightness even in larger rooms without particularly high electricity consumption. This is achieved by using high-quality Citizen LEDs, which have a high energy efficiency and can be dimmed very easily. For this purpose, either a leading edge or a trailing edge dimmer is required. The two side arms with two reflectors can each be swivelled up to 300°, which also applies to the reflectors, which can be rotated and pivoted to the same extent. Thus, almost any form of light alignment is possible - as the light can be set to any position. Since Kena is able to produce high brightness, it is perfectly suitable to provide general room lighting.

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