924 LED Surface-Mounted Light Sensor-Controlled  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 5000241X Features Suitable for LED or energy saving lamps The 924 LED surface-mounted light reacts to hand movements up to a distance of 10 cm and so can conveniently be turned on or off. The LED surface-mounted light not only shines with an attractive modern appearance, but also with various functional aspects. The surface-mounted light is fitted with a movement sensor which senses hand movements up to a distance of 10 cm and either turns the light on or off. Thus it is ideal for mounting under kitchen cupboards to conveniently light up the work surface. In additional, the individual LED spotlights can operate at 77 Lumen per Watt if desired and the under-mounted light can be expanded with other lights from the range through head-on-head mounting or the 30 cm long junction wire. Delivered with electronic ballast and 180 cm long connection cable. The average lifespan of the LEDs is 30,000 hours.

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