Actuator NA06.
60 ... 2.500Nm  - WATERGATES GMBH & CO. KG


Technical data In general The actuator is especially suitable for the operation of ball valves and butterfly valves with 90°-rotation angle. A waterresistant body with overload protection and a heating device against condensation water. Materials Carbon Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Bronze Body polyester coated Installation Vertical as the picture shows. All other installations only after request. Ambient temperature -20°C … +70°C Mounting pad DIN-ISO 5211 Standard voltages 24V DC (only up to NA028) 230V AC, 400V 3AC others on request Protection IP 67 ATEX-Protective class (Option) II 2G EEx d IIB T4 Cable entry 2 x M20x1,5 Protection devices 2 (OPEN/CLOSE) torque switches, Motor thermostat End stops 2 limit switches. Operating angle 90° ±5° Heater 20W Duty cycle 25 … 50% Standard equipment 2 additional limit switches, optical position indicator, manual override. Option Please refer to the data sheet The above information is intended for guidance only and the company reserves the right to change any data herein without prior notice!

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