Aluminium Rails
Aluminium Industrial profiles  - SHENGDA QIANLIANG ALUMINIUM CO.,LTD


1. Biggest extrusion press: 3600 tons 2. Material: Aluminium alloy 3003, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6005, 6463, 6082, etc. 3. Maximum length: 13 meters. 4. Maximum corss section width: 400mm 5. Capacity: 4000 tons each month 6. Surface finish: Anodized, Machanical polishing, Brushing, Chemical polishing, Powder coating/painting, PVDF coating/painting, Wood finish, Small anodized for aluminium machining products. 7. Colors: Silver, Champagne, Bronze, Gold, Black, Red, Blue, Grey, etc. 8. Machining abilities: Cutting, Punching, Tapping, Drilling, Milling, assembling, etc. 9. Technical requirements can be required by customers.

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