Antique white chandelier Maybelle  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9620349 Features Suitable for LED or energy saving lamps Light bulbs excluded Special Offer Chandelier Maybelle, rich in details The chandelier Maybelle, who gets a quite romantic touch due to its curved arms and the small details is an extremely appealing lamp. Depending on the choice, the E14 lamps to be used also remind of the candles, which were previously used for the classic chandeliers when they were still a privilege of sovereign manor houses. Hardly a place is more suitable for the dominant presence of this chandelier than the dining table because it is the place in the house, where the most recurring meetings occur as a ritual, strengthen the life together as a community and family and contribute to exchange of thoughts. Besides the inhabitants of a house, who meet here, invited guests are also usually at the table and enjoy a pleasant, feel-good ambience.

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