Banu - golden LED ceiling light, dimmable  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 6722327 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Made in Germany With a gold metal leaf finish – dimmable Banu LED ceiling light Banu is an LED ceiling light that is made in Germany for outstanding quality fully in line with the "made in Germany" claim. A rectangular decorative panel made from aluminium forms the basis of the light. The quality of the finish on this panel catches the eye immediately. The extraordinary gold structure is owed to a special metal leaf finish, which is added to the ceiling light by hand. Four milled slots in the decorative panel allow the light to escape. These are rectangular to match the basic design of the light. The actual light sources – Citizen-brand LEDs – are located behind the four light outlets, which are covered with polycarbonate to ensure the perfect light distribution. This light is ideally suited for general lighting for various different rooms, as it offers bright, glare-free lighting. Banu is dimmable by way of an...

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