Baya - chrome-plated LED uplighter/reading light  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 3031767 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Glossy chrome-plated Baya LED uplighter with reading light The Baya LED uplighter is simple and functional, made from chrome-plated steel. Thanks to the satin-finished floodlight glass, it does not provide indirect lighting but also pleasant general lighting. In addition, the LED uplighter features a reading light with a head that can be angled and rotated. As such, the uplighter is ideal next to the sofa in the lounge where it can function as both a reading light and a light for the room as a whole. Cosy lighting for a night in by the television is also not a problem, as the warm white LEDs in the uplighter can be easily regulated using the rotary dimmer, which is located halfway up the stand. The reading light is switched on and off via a separate switch. This light is not dimmable.

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