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We Pearl Overseas Manufacturer of Bimetal Washer, Bimetallic Washer. We Export as well as Supply Bimetallic Washer, Bimetallic Washer, Bimetallic is Made of two metals one is Copper and Other is Aluminium,Copper Clad Aluminium Sheet, Which is mainly use in Electric Panel, Bimetallic Washer can be manufactured in Inch and mm, Specification of Bimetallic Washer: Shapes: Round, Square, Rectangle and as per Drawing, Ratio : 70/30, 80/20 and 85/15, Material : Copper/Aluminium, Hardness: Soft, Half Hard, Hard, Feel free to contact us for Bimetallic Washer

  • Bimetallic Washer
  • Bimetal Washer

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