Capacitors MKC, MKC-G
MKC, MKC-P series capacitors are the most popular film  - HITACHI HIGH-TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE GMBH


Hitachi High-Technologies Europe GmbH is very pleased to introduce Hitachi Chemical products’ line-up such as film capacitors to automotive sector. Our film capacitors advantages are represented by superior level of endurance in high temperature and high humidity, while keeping following the automotive trend of the components’ downsizing. It perfectly fits any application with big capacitance, high voltage, high temperature endurance (in different types of characteristics), high ripple current performance. Therefore it can be successfully used in HID Lightning, DC-DC converter, Air conditioning, ECU and EFI applications etc. Moreover, it is well known that modern trend of automotive sector opens up our capacitor technology, satisfying EV, HEV and PHEV’s high density and high temperature power systems requirements.

Air conditioning equipment
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