Chevron Conveyor Belts
for the Specific Requirements of Steep Angle Transport  - GERMANBELT SYSTEMS GMBH


germanBelt® chevron conveyor belts are used to transport material at steep angles of more than 20o. In contrast to smooth fabric belts, chevron conveyor belts are equipped with cleat profiles with heights of 17 mm and 35 mm that enable the belts to meet the specific requirements of steep angle transport. Divers cover qualities and a variety of profile heights provide a wide range of application. Transport of sand, gravel or stones/rocks; Transport of oil-containing or hot material as, for instance, in the recycling industry. germanBelt® chevron conveyor belts offer significant cost benefits and ensure highly reliable transport. In the following, you are provided with an overview of the most frequently requested germanBelt® chevron conveyor belt configurations. If you have special requirements as to profile height or cover quality of chevron conveyor belts we also offer tailor made individual solutions and give you advice on how to deal with your specific transport problem.

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