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Choline is referred as vitamin B4. It has been claimed as a rediscovered vitamin & performance promoter in animals. Choline is essential substance for growth of animals. It is basic component of cell membrane, and important component for the transmission of impulses. Choline is important nutrients for health of animals, it can promote the fat metabolism in the liver (so-called lipotropic action); can promote the bio-synthesis of phosphatidycholine which can speed up the growth and improve breeding & hatchability of animals. Choline can enhance the utilization efficiency of feed additives. As a methyl group source, it can promote the reformulation of amino acid, and sometimes even can replace some of the Methionine. Since there is no consistency in the choline content in the natural feedstuffs and also their bioavailability is not predictable. Choline chloride is widely used as choline Supplements.

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