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We are global suppliers of edible oil, with trade offices and distribution centers in United Kingdom and South Africa. Contact Now for price update: PAT :TEL/Whatsapp: +27784311107 HS CODE:15159091EXTRA VIRGIN AVOCADO EDIBLE OIL Price: $6.61/KG EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL / Price: $2120/MT HS Code: 15091000 Standard:Grade One(Eu standard) HSCODE:15119020 RBD PALM OLEIN (EDIBLE GRADE) Price: $600/MT HS CODE: 15152910REFINED CORN OIL (EDIBLE GRADE) Price: $0.61/liter Refined Soybean oil / cooking oil Price: $500/MT Refined sunflower oil / cooking oil Price: $600/MT HSCODE:15099010 OLIVE POMACE OIL 1 LTR Price: $1000/MT Used cooking oil / Bio Diesel Price: $200/MT

Oils and fats, edible
  • Refined sunflower oil
  • soybean oils
  • analysis of Used vegetable oil for biodiesel
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