Cube down Hungarian goose down
Cube down duvet - WK 1  - TRAUMINA GMBH


Finest, white new Hungarian goose down, selected and gently washed for finest bedding accessories washable up to 40°C. Bedcover: finest Jacquard 100% Egypt cotton, pre-shrunked Bedfill: 100% white new Hungarian goose down, selected quality, class1 (acc. DIN EN 12934) Making_up: duvet stiched-trough, coffered ceiling with 2 and 4 cm inside stand up border, double decorative stitching, washabel at 40°C

Product features

Size 135x200
Article number L30D01-D
Filling weight in gram 180
Boxes/squares 10x14
(Recommended) retail price 1 on request
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