DOUBLE - four-bulb ceiling light  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 2000258 Features Light bulbs excluded Made in Germany The four bulb ceiling light DOUBLE. Twice the casing for twice the quality. The ceiling light DOUBLE has a creative design in the form of overlapping cases made of glass. The external, clear shades are visibly separated from the internal matte shades, which provides for an effect that makes this light product unique. The light bulbs are completely hidden here. This ceiling installed light is ideally suitable for the modelling of indoor rooms. This manufacturer offers lights that are made in Germany and are produced according to high quality standards in a light factory that has existed since 1980. Special and recurring characteristics are found in the usage of glass, which is primarily hand-blown according to old traditions and in metal surfaces - mostly it deals with aluminium -, which are finished by hand so that they receive their specific appearance. In the course of this production process, lights are created...

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