Dimmable LED panel Dalia alterable luminous colour  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9620929 Features LED technology Light bulbs included New Compact LED panel Dalia with alterable luminous colour and remote control Without a doubt, this LED panel keeps in the background visually and, with its unobtrusive appearance, is very versatile in its use. Therefore, the panel is a very sensible addition for the illumination of kitchens, halls and studies which provides good illumination. Its good luminosity and relatively low energy consumption are not the only characteristics of the LED panel that are worth highlighting; with its dimmability and the possibility of altering the luminous colour, other features can be found on a functional level which will completely win over the consumers. For this purpose, a remote control is included, which allows you to alter the brightness and adjust the luminous colour between warm white and daylight.

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