Discreet LED recessed ceiling light Mayfair  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 1020543 Features LED technology Light bulbs excluded Round LED recessed ceiling light Mayfair with IP65 The LED recessed ceiling light Mayfair relies less on an elaborate design and more on flexible lighting. When the light is installed, the owner can adjust the light angle of the LED lamp to his or her individual requirements and thus achieve fantastic accent lighting. However, this adjustment is only possible during installation, as the light is firmly anchored in the ceiling after this. This flexibility of the lighting gives everyone the freedom to achieve a personalised light. In terms of its appearance, Mayfair has a relatively simple design. The ceiling light has a round shape which lies particularly flat on the ceiling. It is satin white and delights the beholder with this soft colour. The recessed ceiling light Mayfair primarily scores points with the expressive lighting design which is supported by the simple appearance of this product. The fact that the light...

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