Discrete light strip Slim Shape LED Sensor  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7261050 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Discrete design connected with comfort and high light quality - cabinet lamp Slim Shape LED Sensor for diverse, contact-free usage The LED light strip Slim Shape is extremely slim with 5.5 cm and extremely bright with six high power LED. Thus, it is the discrete solution for a variety of applications, particularly for tight and difficult spaces. Thanks to Sensor with an optimal range of under 10 cm and quick response, it is not necessary to touch it and it is enough to bring a hand near it, which allows for a hygienic switching on and off of the lamp, particularly comfortable in the kitchen above the counter. The electronic ballast and a plug required for operation are already included in the scope of delivery. Thus, Slim Shape LED Sensor can be assembled and operated immediately, plus it is possible to install it on nearly any surface, very easily through a screw plate and click connection.

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