Dried fruits
Apple: Perfectly rounded flavor.  - HORST WALBERG TROCKENFRUCHT IMPORT GMBH


Productinformation Harvest time for apples differ from China, where it takes place around september, and Chile, where they become ripe between march and april. The fresh fruits are sorted by size, then peeled, pitted, cutted in the desired shape – quartered, loops or cubes – and finally dried. The drying process takes place in flue-curing tunnels and takes up to three to four days to fully finish. Thanks to treatment with sulfur, the bright white color of the apple remains intact - and additionally, any form of pest gets deadened. Dried apples from Italy on the other hand get treated with citric acid and sea salt instead of sulfur – so they stay much lighter in color. Origin The main countries of origin are Italy and China – in China they are still cutted manually. In addition, apple loops are produced in Chile and South Africa.

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