Dried fruits
Prunes: Full sun-ripened flavor  - HORST WALBERG TROCKENFRUCHT IMPORT GMBH


Productinformation In California prunes are harvested between august and october, whereas in South America they are ripe and ready already around march. Prunes get dried in a flue-curing process until their level of moisture reaches fifteen percent. The process of pitting their stones can be handled in two ways: "ashlock pitted" means pushing-out the stone with a thorn, whereas "elliot pitted" stands for removing the stone sideways with several thorns. Last but not least, there are the "ready-to-eat prunes": These come with a moisture up to mellow thirty-five percent. Origin The main producing country are the United States: They have a very large industry branch in California. The second most important distributors are located in South America: Chile and Argentina. European prunes are cultivated mainly in Bordeaux in France, but also in the Balkan States.

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