Dried fruits
Strawberries: red, sweet and super tasty.  - HORST WALBERG TROCKENFRUCHT IMPORT GMBH


Productinformation Strawberries are part of the rose family. Contrary to its name, the strawberry is not a berry from a botanical perspective, but rather, is an aggregate fruit. Dried strawberries taste sweet, are healthy, invigorating and give one energy. Ingredients Strawberries, sugar, acidifier: E330, coloring agent: E163, preservative: E220 Origin Based on conclusions drawn from archaeological finds, early man was familiar with the strawberry as far back as the Stone Age. It is originally native to Europe and was first cultivated in France and England in the fourteenth century. Today, the main strawberry-producing countries are China, Thailand, the USA, Spain, Japan, Italy, South Korea and Poland.

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