E14 30W halogen bulb Classic BW candle twisted  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7260153 E14 halogen bulb 30W clear Classic BW in twisted candle shape - OSRAM The allowed light bulb replacement with natural, comfortable halogen light. It looks very similar to the classic candle bulb and is also easy to operate with its screw base. This halogen Classic BW replaces the well-known candle bulbs. Product properties - 100 % dimmable - Perfect colour reproduction (Ra: 100) - Average lifespan: 2,000 hours Product advantages - Simple 1:1 replacement with conventional candle bulbs - Same comfortable light quality as with a candle bulb - Immediately 100 % light, no heat-up time - Does not contain any mercury, can be disposed of in normal garbage without problems - UV-Filter Usage areas - General lighting - Dining table lighting - Entrance lighting - Inns, hotels and similar representative uses

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