E14 6 W 827 LED candle light bulb, warm-glow  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7530675 Features LED technology E14 6 W LED candle light bulb with shiny light - made by PHILIPS With its beautiful look, this LED candle light bulb immediately attracts the attention of a beholder and looks particularly good in open lights. The special warm-glow effect turns this candle bulb into a suitable light source for any situation and it can be dimmed and colour adjusted, if needed (2,700 - 2,200 kelvins). With its lifetime of approx. 15,000 hours, this candle bulb in fact is a very durable light bulb and yet, due to efficient LED technology, preserves ones wallet (EEC A+). Characteristics: - provides immediate illumination when switched on, since no start-up phase is required (- dimmable - very good colour rendering (RA80), thus colours appear very natural and vibrant

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