E27 8 W 827 LED lamp Parathom PAR30 30° dimmable  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7260890 Features LED technology New E27 8 W LED reflector bulb Parathom PAR30 with EEC A+ The reflector lamp can dim the light and produce fantastic lighting scenarios, which give your home a fantastic and comfortable atmosphere. Another winning feature of this reflector lamp is its extremely long lifetime of 25,000 hours, attributable to modern LED technology. In addition to a long operating life, the energy savings are another big plus point for the reflector lamp. With a beam angle of 30° the lamp can be used over a wide area and can provide warm white light in your own home as well as in commercial areas. Characteristics: - features low power consumption (EEC A+) - reproduces colours very naturally (RA80 colour rendering index) - does not contain mercury - replaces standard reflector lamps of up to 77 watts

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