E27 8.6 W 927 LED bulb, matt, dimmable  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 2025004 Features LED technology Made in Germany E27 8.6 W LED bulb with a beam angle of 260° - made by CARUS With its colour rendering index of RA90 the bulb ensures that colours appear very naturally and authentically in its warm white light. This light bulb can be infinitely dimmed, whereby different atmospheres can be created from lively to relaxed. A combination of energy savings of up to 85% and the EEC A+ rating plus illumination for a duration of 25,000 hours, make this LED light bulb the perfect replacement for traditional light bulbs of up to 48 watts. High material savings are achieved, making the lamp approx. 65% lighter thanks to the thin-walled aluminium and synthetic components. Characteristics: - ideal for indoor use - made in Germany - does not contain harmful substances so that the bulb is easy to dispose of - infinitely dimmable

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