E27 discharge bulb Powerball HCI-TT  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7260096 E27 Discharge bulb Powerball HCI-TT 70 W - OSRAM The POWERBALL HCI-TT bulb delivers white light with a special flair specifically for outdoors. Its white, halogen-like light fills the surrounding area with its natural colours, through this it comes across as particularly comfortable and representative - and also conveys more safety. Product advantages - White light in the street and building lighting - Retrofitting and upgrading of existing NAV burning points through simple bulb replacement possible - Through identical geometric and electrical technical data like NAV bulbs, minimized retrofitting costs - For closed lamps Product properties - Output level: 70 W - Socket: E27 - Average lifespan: 12,000 hours - Light colour: 830 WDL - Diameter: 30 mm - The bulbs may only be operated in completely closed lamps. For the rare event of a break in the burner, the lamp must be able to retain all hot ceramic or glass parts - Use a timer igniter if possible (at least 15...

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