E40 N/SI Powerstar HQI-T metal steam bulb  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7260467X E40 250W/400W N/SI Powerstar HQI-T halogen metal steam bulb - OSRAM Halogen metal steam bulbs POWERSTAR HQI with quartz technology. POWERSTAR HQI-T with average output and screw socket E40. Only permitted for closed lamps. Advantages - Up to 400 W output - Long lifespan - Screw socket E40 for simple bulb handling Advantages of the OSRAM UV filter technology - Decreased material stress within the lamp - The UV filter from the bulb corresponds with the requirements from IEC 61167 Uses - Halls for industry and trade - Sport and multi-purpose halls - Industrial systems - Wharf and harbour facilities - Classification yards, container floating terminals

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