30 KW MODULE Each module is designed to provide instantaneous standby power of 30kW for a variety of energy storage applications. This power system is especially well suited for telecommunications, cable communications, data-communications and utility substation control sites that require a reliable source of DC output power and delivers roughly 10 times the energy capacity of an equivalent bank of lead-acid batteries, with 2-3 times more energy density and delivers 100% depth of discharge without degradation, virtually unlimited cycling and an operable life of 30 years 100 KWH MODULE Each module provides up to 100 kW of uninterrupted power and 150 kWh of energy storage capacity in a single turnkey enclosure that is 1/3 the size of a 20' freight container. 150kWh Module is optimized to deliver 2-3 times more energy density than comparable UPS systems that employ lead-acid batteries and it delivers ten times depth of discharge without degradation, two times operable life and an order of magnitude improvement in cycling capability, making it ideal for use in peak-shaving applications to reduce utility demand charges and energy costs. 500 KWH MODULE This module is the lowest cost utility-scale energy storage system. It is a fully integrated system that comprises energy storage, power conditioning, system control and thermal management subsystems packaged into a portable, turn-key, building block to be placed wherever it is needed for immediately dispatchable on-line energy storage. Each module provides up to 500kW of power and 2.8MWh of energy storage capacity in a single enclosure that fits onto a 53' trailer for mobility. Latest battery technology enables systems with an operational life of at least 30 years and the ability to withstand an unlimited number of cycles, whether full- or partial-discharge events. This combination of long life and cycling capability makes it an ideal solution for: Electric utilities: •Substation T&D asset deferral •Distribution system load support •Peak shaving •Demand response management •Energy arbitrage •Ancillary services Electric utilities: •Time-shifting of generated energy •Smoothing the output of variable resources •Energy arbitrage •Ancillary services

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