Extravagant Cara LED pendant lamp  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 6722120 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Made in Germany The Cara LED pendant lamp captivates thanks to its extravagant shape. The golden Cara LED pendant lamp appears charming and luxurious. The body of this extraordinary light creates three overlapping rings made of antique impact metal. A slim LED bar in the middle of the sphere creates constant, warm white downlight lighting. Integrated into the bar are six Citizen LEDs that can be dimmed using a leading edge or trailing edge dimmer. Its special highlight is revealed when taking a closer look at the three rings that encompass the light strip: Each of them can be separately turned around the lamp. Consequently, the pendant lamp’s shape is not pressed into a defined shape. It is variable and can be changed at any time - into a ring, sphere, or oval. Cara is not only a suitable light source over a dining table, it can also be installed swinging freely in any other room. One thing is for sure. This pendant...

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