Fabric Conveyor Belts for Highest Requirements
Structure of germanBelt® fabric conveyor belts  - GERMANBELT SYSTEMS GMBH


Structure of germanBelt® fabric conveyor belts Fabric reinforcement: Our fabric conveyor belts are reinforced by 2-5 rot-resistant plies made of synthetic EP or PP fabric. These fabrics possess a good tensile strength/weight ratio, have excellent flexibility and troughability, low elongation, high impact resistance and good chemical resistance. Covers: The carcass of the fabric belts is protected by covers. Cover qualities or grades are characterized by the conveyor belts’ chemical and physical properties. Inclined systems require cleats or fabric conveyor belts with grooved surfaces. Cover thickness depends on the properties of the transported material and on loading conditions. Skim layers: Rubber skim layers in the fabric conveyor belt’s carcass provide excellent adhesion between the plies and efficient distribution of tension. They also absorb impact stress caused by dropping material.

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