Filter Test lines  - COMAC SRL


Comac Filter Test Lines are popular lab machines very much used for evaluation of masterbatch quality in terms of pigment dispersion. The concept that stands behind this machine is to correlate such quality parameter with the pressure drop across a reference filtering screen after a given time. The following sections can build-up a Comac Filter Test Line: Extrusion section - including a 30 mm single screw extruder with 5.5 kW motor, a metering pump with relevant drive, a 35 mm diameter manual screen-changer holding the desired selectivity screen, a "spaghetti" extrusion die, a control board and a 3-pen recorder -> this section is always required. "Spaghetti" cooling/cutting section - including a 1000 mm long cooling bath with air-blade for water removal and a Comac TG-1 cutter -> this section is added in case samples in form of pellets have to be collected. "Film section" - including a die head for film extrusion, a cooling unit, a pulling unit and a winder -> this section is added

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