Flat-wedge valve GVE.
soft sealing - GGG-50  - WATERGATES GMBH & CO. KG


Technical data Design Gate valve, with internal spindle, acc. to DIN 3352/4A, soft sealing, maintenance free. For the use of process water and wastewater. Features • The inside and outside surfaces of the valve are FBE-coated. • In case of leakage of the stem seals, the seals can be replaced under media pressure. • Low dead space and the flat valve seat guarantee a great flow characteristic and prevent product deposition. • Bidirectional pressure discharge. • Permission and marking acc. to directive 97/23/EG (Pressure Equipment Directive) Face to face EN 558-1 Row 14 (former DIN 3202 F4) Connection Flange DN40 … DN150, PN16 drilled, Flange DN200 … DN400, PN10 drilled. Flanges DN65 – PN16 will be delivered in 4-hole execution! Mounting position vertical preferred Pressure Range PN10 … PN16, see table Temperature Range 0°C … +80°C Material Body: GGG-50, FBE-coated Stem: Stainless steel Wedge: GGG-40/Brass/EPDM (NBR on request) Stem seals: EPDM (NBR) The above information is intended for guidance only and the company reserves the right to change any data herein without prior notice!

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