G13 T8 Master TL-D Eco fluorescent bulb  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7530467X G13 T8 16W-51W MASTER TL-D ECO fluorescent bulb - PHILIPS Fluorescent bulb with a diameter of 28 mm (T8) - energy reduced! Advantages - 10% savings in energy costs through simple bulb replacement (the savings is up to 10% on the EVG) - The additional investment is returned in less than 1.5 years - For high-quality illumination with good light quality - Maximum 10% light current decline throughout the entire lifespan of the bulb - Helps reach environment protection goals, characteristics - Simple 1:1 replacement in existing systems: - 16W instead of previously 18W - 32W instead of previously 36W - 51W instead of previously 58W - Mostly identical light current like MASTER TL-D Super 80 (at 30°C environment temperature in the lamp) - Lifespan and light current decline like MASTER TL-D Super 80 - Good colour reproduction - dimmable - Operation on all standard ballasts (EVG and VVG/KVG) for indoor lighting - The savings may be less on the EVG, usage - Indoor...

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