G5 T5 Master TL5 HE Secura fluorescent bulb  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7530512X Features Special Offer G5 T5 fluorescent bulb Master TL5 HE/HO Secura with shatter protection - PHILIPS The fluorescent bulb with 16 mm diameter and shatter protection. Advantages - Higher degree of effect than 26 mm fluorescent bulbs through optimisation of the light current at 35°C - Allows for further system miniaturisation and maximum freedom in lamp design - Nearly constant light current throughout the lifespan - Good colour reproduction level 1B (Ra80) - FEP (Teflon) coating - particularly heat-resistant (up to 200°C) - Safety: Shatter protection through special casing on the discharge tube and on the end caps - Simple recognition through blue ring - Eases for the certification according to HACCP, ISO 22000 and IEC 61549 Characteristics - Optimised shatter protection through shatter casing and end cap protection - Maximum light current at 35°C - Super 80 light colours (3-band light bulb) - Guaranteed ignition from -15° to +50°CW -...

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