G5 T5 Master TL5 HO Deluxe fluorescent bulb  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7530379X G5 T5 fluorescent bulb Master TL5 HO De Luxe - PHILIPS Advantages - Allows for further system miniaturisation and maximum freedom in lamp design - Nearly constant light current throughout the lifespan - Particularly environment-friendly through low mercury content Characteristics - Very good colour reproduction (level 1A, R90) - Maximum light current at 35°C - Specially developed for operation with electronic ballasts - Guaranteed ignition from -15° to +50°c - Available in the following sizes: 24W / 49W / 54W Usage - For all applications by which very good colour reproduction is required, like in: print shops, shops, museums, painting factories, hospitals, doctor's offices

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