GU10 3,5 W 830 LED high voltage reflector bulb  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7530677 Features LED technology GU10 3.5 W HV LED reflector light bulb with warm white luminous colour (3,000 K) - made by PHILIPS With its very contemporary design and a lifetime of 15,000 hours, this reflector is not only good looking and durable but yet a great investment to preserve ones wallet on the long run, since it enables significant energy savings (EEC A+). This light bulb is ideally suitable for accent and general lighting and is generally used e.g. in living and sales rooms and for the illumination of objects and display cabinets. Characteristics: - no start-up time (- the reflector light bulb is not dimmable - can replace conventional halogen light bulbs of up to 35 watts

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