GU10 8 W 850 LED reflector lamp  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 2515067 Features LED technology GU10 8W HELSO LED reflector lamp with a beam angle of 38° The HELSO LED reflector lamp is very long-lasting and emits light for about 30,000 hours. Its light output of 730 lumens lets the reflector brightly illuminate any room, where its colours also appear very naturally thanks to the excellent colour rendering index of RA82. The reflector and its 8 watts can replace traditional halogen reflectors of up to 50 watts. Characteristics: - Luminous colour: daylight (5,000 K) - Immediate brightness without a long warm-up phase - The reflector is very energy-efficient, and thanks to the LED technology has the second-highest EEC of A+ - Reflector cannot be dimmed

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