GU10 ES50 HI-Spot Superia reflector lamp  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 8530055X Features Special Offer GU10 ES50 Hi-Spot Superia halogen reflector bulb with aluminium reflector - Sylvania brand The Havells Sylvania Hi-Spot high-volt halogen bulb with GU10 fitting has many usage applications and offers new, cost-effective opportunities for lights. Superia ES50 has the same diameter as a 12V MR16 bulb, but due to its revolutionary design, it works directly from the mains without the need for a transformer or special wiring. The dichroic surface of the reflector allows the warmth of the light to escape to the back thus generating a cooler light beam to the front. Uses - ESD Cool Beam versions are particularly suitable for uses where heat emission to the front should be limited. - For use in mains voltage GU10 downlights, spotlights and lights - For precise or decorative lighting in retail, commercial and private uses - Suitable for use outdoors if protected against direct contact with water. - Extremely long lifespan of 3000 hours -...

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