GU10 MR16 7 W 920/930 LED reflector sunset dimming  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 6037117 Features LED technology Premium Quality GU10 MR16 7 W LED reflector bulb Sunset, dimmable The dimming function of this GU10 light bulb makes it possible to create cosy lighting effects as the light can be dimmed from warm white 3,000 kelvinss to very warm white 2,000 kelvinss which is vicarious to candlelight. The reflector light bulb makes the colours appear very natural and vivid by its RA90 colour rendering and features an enormously long lifetime of 25,000 hours. Characteristics: - this reflector is very energy sufficient due to its contemporary LED technology (EEC A) - can replace traditional GU10 reflector light bulbs of up to 50 watts - LED bulb is adjustable from 36° to 27° changes whilst being dimmed

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