GU5.3 7.2 W LED glass reflector Star 36°  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7260847X Features LED technology Made in Germany GU5.3 7.2 W LED glass reflector lamp Star with the second highest EEC A+ With just 7.2 watts this reflector lamp can replace traditional halogen reflector lamps of up to 50 watts. With its unique glass design, the reflector lamp is a fantastic eye-catcher and is also perfectly suited for open lights. Thanks to the beam angle of 36° the reflector lamp can be used in your own home or in commercial spaces to provide a warm white or cool white light. Characteristics: - very low power consumption (EEC A+) - renders colours to look real and fresh thanks to a good colour rendering index of RA80 - not dimmable - beautiful glass design - available in 2 luminous colours: warm white (2,700 K) and cool white (4,000 K)

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