GU5.3 7.8 W LED reflector bulb Superstar 36°  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7260873X Features LED technology Made in Germany GU5.3 7.8 W LED reflector bulb Superstar - available in 2 luminous colours Thanks to highly efficient LED technology, the reflector lamp is not only ideal for saving energy, it also emits a warm white or cool white light over a long period of time. Thanks to its glass design, the reflector lamp is ideal for open lights and can replace standard halogen reflector lamps of up to 50 watts. Thanks to a beam angle of 36°, the lamp is also suitable for many application areas and is popular in both private and commercial areas (for accented lighting at home, for illuminating display cases, for illuminating doors and stairs, and much more). Characteristics: - has the best EEC A+ thanks to modern LED technology - has a maximum lifetime of 25,000 hours - fantastic glass design - makes colours look very natural with a good RA80 - available in warm white (2,700 kelvins) and cool white (4,000 kelvins) luminous colours

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