GU5,3 MR16 35/50W Halogen lamp IRC  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7504282X NV halogen incandescent light IRC with up to 30% energy saving and a long intermediate lifespan of 5000 hours, GU5.3, 12V (Cool beam reflector lamp) Choose between the design 35 or 50W with 36° Flood or 60° Wide Flood reflector With this low volt reflector lamp, you save about 30% energy or you can achieve a high brightness if you replace the bulbs with normal NV halogen incandescent lights. cool beam lamp with cover plate, 12V, GU5,3 base, Ø 51, Glass reflector in a special titanium layer, constant colours, lifetime 5000 hrs, Burner with infrared reflecting layer, Up to 30% energy saving if normal Titanium layered NV halogen bulbs are used Halogen bulbs can be infinitely dimmed . If the bulb turns black because it has been used in the dim mode too much, it can be cleared up again if operated with the rated voltage.

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