General Surgery Drapes
Laprotomy Drape, Laproscopy Drape, Plain Drape Adhesive & Plain Drape Large  - SURGEINE HEALTHCARE (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED

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General Surgery Drapes As general surgery procedures vary so much the general surgery drapes and kits used need to be adaptable and cater for the challenges likely to be met, For instance: -Heavy retraction during complex abdominal procedures and procedures that might require a considerable amount of time, - Large volumes of irrigation fluids and blood. - Flame resistance, - Barrier protection, - Abrasion and lint resistance. Specialised General Surgery Drapes- Laprotomy Drape -Transerv Laprotomy Drape -Laproscopy Drape -Plain Drape(Small) -Plain Drape(Medium) -Plain Drape Adhesive -Plain Drape (Large)

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Product features

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece
Application General Surgery
Types Plain Drapes
Material Non-Woven
Category Reinforced
Sterility Sterile

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Surgical Drapes by Surgeine Healthcare India Private Limited, New Delhi

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