Gideon LED Plaster Wall Light Semi-Circular  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9980030 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Premium Quality Simple Gideon plaster wall light with Cree brand LEDs With its subtle semi-circular shape, this wall light is versatile - even the white surface is something which can fit almost any living room in terms of colour. If it doesn't fit, or a more individual design is required, then you have the opportunity to paint the wall light according to your personal liking, to paint it in accordance with the colour scheme of the room, or to paint it in the colour of your choosing. However, the plaster wall light consumes only a little energy as energy efficient LEDs are used and they produce a light current of 400 Lumen. Plaster is a material which doesn't let light through, thus the light shines indirectly upwards and downwards into the room. This is considered warm and inviting by most people. The average life of an LED bulb is an impressive 40,000 hours which, with an average usage length of four hours a day,...

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