Gimble Out 90 Built-In Floor Light  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 5502006 Features Light bulbs excluded Special Offer Gimble Out 90 built-in floor light - Design by CDC This built-in floor light is perfect as a decorative accessory for the garden. It cannot be walked upon. A fitting pot is included, a transformer, however, is not. This built-in floor light has a 350° turn and a 85° tilt. Weight: 0.85 g, protection rating: IP67 (dust-proof and protection against temporary immersion). Protection class III General note on the lights for floor installation: In order to enjoy the installed floor lights for a long time, there should be effective drainage and a suitable gravel bed to aid with drainage. Do not install floor lights in holes or basins - standing water should not collect by the light (and in the built-in box).

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