H250 M40 Variable Area Flowmeter
Sturdy all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature, media  - KROHNE MESSTECHNIK GMBH


The H250 M40 combines tried and tested flow measurement with latest communication capabilities like Foundation Fieldbus. The functionality of the devices is modular extendable. The innovative construction allows a free choice of intrinsically safe or flameproof design. The sturdy all-metal design, availabale in different materials, ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media and stands up to extreme application. The new H250/M40 is the new standard solution for the process industry when costs and reliability are a factor. Highlights Sturdy stainless steel construction for high operating pressure up to 3000 bar and extreme process temperatures from -200°C to +400°C Optionally available with PTFE/ceramic liner for acids and alkalis High application security, even with extremely small flows Upper limit of measurement for liquids: 10 to 120,000 l/h (water: 20°C) Upper limit of measurement for gases: 0.7 to 2800 m3/h (air: 20°C, 1.013 bar) Accuracy: 1.6 %

  • Variable area flowmeter
  • h250 m40
  • measurement without auciliary power

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