Halogen spotlights

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ETC Source Four Zoom XT 150W 15°-30° white ETC combines the industrys standard Source Four Zoom optical system with a unique, waterlight housing to create the Source Four Zoom XT. Powered by the 12.000 hour Master ColorTM CDM lamp, Zook eX is rated IP 65 for exterior lighting use and is ideal for gobo / pattern projection and tight shutter cuts on specific structures or architectural details. The forward portion of the housing removes completely for beam sizing, focus, gobo insertion and shutter cut adjustments. The removable housing is designed to hang conveniently on the yoke, freeing both hands for focus. ETC Source Four 150W HID Zooms are supplied with Philips CDM Master Color 150W veramic metal halide lamp, colour frame and 1,8m cable without connector. Feature Physical Rugged, the cast and extruded aluminium construction unique waterlight exterior housing seal Precision extruded optical rails with positive lens position lock-down 20 gauge stainless steel shutters in a tri-plane assembly Roating shutter assembly +/- 25° slot for glass or stainless steel gobos / patterns waterlight electronic ballast housing Tilt-down ballast housing for convenient lamp change CE compliant Electrical » ≫ 150W electronic ballast (yoke mounted) » ≫ Less than 14 Amps inrush current, lasts less than one AC cycle (16.7mS) » ≫ Select breakers that meet or exceed the in-rush and ampacity requirement » ≫ Less than 10% Harmonic distortion » ≫ Greater than 95% Power Factor » ≫ 90% Ballast Efficiency » ≫ 230V ± 10%, 50-60Hz » ≫ 0.74A operating current Optical » ≫ Optimised optical system for improved photometric » ≫ performance and field uniformity » ≫ Faceted borosilicate reflector with dichroic cold mirror coating removes greater than 90% infrared radiation (heat) and reflects greater than 95% of visible light » ≫ Reflector and lenses secured with anti-vibration shock mounts » ≫ Two bi-convex lenses with anti-reflective coatings » ≫ Low gate and beam temperature, shutters will not warp or distort Lamp » ≫ 150W Ceramic metal halide150W Philips MasterColor ® CDM lamp » ≫ 3000 K colour temperature » ≫ 12,000 hrs. lamp life » ≫ Optional 150W Philips MasterColor CDM 4,200K colour temperature (96 CRI) lamp available » ≫ IP65 » ≫ mass: 78,5x27,6x25,9cm » ≫ beam: 15° - 30° » ≫ weight: 16,3kg Konformitätserklärung source four

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