IMAGEO TeaLights with safe LED technology  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 7530300 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Premium Quality IMAGEO TeaLights in 6-piece set - flickering candle light Lamparilla without dangerous flame from PHILIPS Warmly shining and softly flickering candlelight is the definition of cosiness and romance for many. A cosiness that is lowered through the handling of matches or lighters and the risks that come along with an open flame and hot wax. With the IMAGEO TeaLights, a lamp was developed that reproduces the comfortable atmosphere of candlelight with modern LED technology. It offers all the advantages of artificial light and remains as flexible as a candle, because a power connection is not required to operate it. The appealing design of the rechargeable LED lamp looks like a semi-transparent, glass lantern, which can be used in a simple manner: The lamp is equipped with an innovative mechanism that makes it possible to turn it off and on by simply tipping the lamp. After a charging time of about ten...

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