Illuminated Solar pump system Milano LED  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 3012525 Features LED technology Light bulbs included Solar-powered Pond pump Milano LED with LED effect light Solar pump system Milano LED is an ideal combination of solar module, battery storage, submersible pump and LED light ring. During the summer, the solar modules generate enough energy in full sunshine, to operate the pump with light and simultaneously charge the battery. Milano LED is equipped with two 10 W solar modules, a twilight sensor and six white illuminating LEDs. The pump system can be used in a pond as well as for the water supply of rock fountains. There are two switchable outputs on the battery box. The pump is connected to the 18V output, which can be operated in timer mode. This signifies that the pump is switched on every hour for approximately 10 minutes. A pond aerator, a pump or a pond light can for example, be connected via the other switchable 6V output. Various fountains can be generated with the accompanying sprinklers and...

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