Illuminated mirror Batua, extendible  - LAMPENWELT GMBH


Item No.: 9970038 Features Light bulbs included Special Offer Extendible mirror Batua with light and three-fold magnification This illuminated magnifying mirror is an ideal and handy accessory for any bathroom. The round mirror is softly lit from behind by an E14 lamp and features three-fold magnification. It can be mounted on the wall and is equipped with an 80 cm long spiral cable, which allows you to plug it into a power point. The switch for convenient switching on and off is located on the round wall mount and allows quick and easy operation. The position of the wall mirror can be perfectly adjusted as needed using the two joints. The maximum extension is 33 cm. A third joint directly on the mirror allows its tilting by about 90°, so that Batua has a high degree of flexibility.

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