Jolly Mixer  - COMAC SRL

Jolly Mixers by Comac are popular units used in many laboratories (especially, of masterbatch producers and major consumers; but, also of compound producers and users). By a Comac Jolly Mixer, for instance, you may prepare samples of product using very limited quantities of base polymers and pigments, and, in few minutes. The molten mass of polymer with dispersed pigments so prepared is than converted - by means of a mini-press, mini-calender or other device - into a suitable shape specimen for color matching. The quality of product samples obtained by a Jolly mixer is usually even better than actually achieved in real extrusion lines; so, the emulation of results from industrial production is not 100 % true, but, using a Comac Jolly Mixer, comparative tests can be performed (for instance, among different raw material batches as masterbatch producers, or, among different masterbatch lots as buyers) and correlations between lab sample and product with same recipe made on industrial siz

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